What’s in a Word? – Andrew Wommack Ministries

What's in a Word? - Andrew Wommack Ministries

You may be familiar with the wonderful Scriptures, Romans
10:14–5, which refer to people needing a preacher in order to hear God’s
message of love and grace.

All of this is absolutely true, but what is not made
clear is that language is the vehicle
which facilitates the teaching/learning process. Discipleship Evangelism Missional Outreach (DEMO)
has discovered that to be truly
effective, this message is best conveyed in the mother tongue, which is why the
department’s translation work is so vitally important to the ministry!

There is nothing more impactful than people receiving
God’s message of salvation in their native language.

Consequently, DEMO has focused its efforts toward translating the Discipleship Evangelism program into as many languages as possible. Currently there are thirty-six translations—either completed or in the process of completion. We have the potential to reach 90-95 percent of the world’s population with this teaching program. Completed translations are available as free PDF downloads at awmi.net/about-us/demo.

Most translation work of the Discipleship Evangelism (DE) Program is achieved with the help of international students based at Charis Woodland Park or overseas.

By using Charis students who possess good linguistic
skills in both English and their mother tongue, DEMO is able to get accurate
translations, primarily because these individuals understand the message being
taught and are able to convey it in their own language. In addition, DEMO
insists on using a separate proofreader from the original translator. This translation
protocol ensures more accurate translations. This is vitally important, because
once a translation is released, we can’t take it back. I often say when
teaching about translations that “a bad translation can be worse than no
translation!” If the translation is poor, then it can end up preaching or
teaching heresy.

On my travels to international colleges, I have met
with some amazing translation teams made up of students and staff. Everyone is totally
committed and enthusiastic in their work!

India has four schools and is prolific in its efforts to translate DE, other ministry materials, and videos into its numerous dialects.

Lesley Rowe, DE Translations Manager, and Mark Rowe, Director of DEMO, visiting the Indian DE translations department
Hyderabad, India
Indian translation team leaders with Lesley Rowe
Hyderabad, India

Uganda has an awesome team, which broadcasts daily radio programs from Kampala, its capital. This team, headed by Ricky Burge, our DEMO Africa director, is comprised of students, staff, and alumni from Charis and AWM Uganda. Mainly volunteers, they work with Andrew’s daily Gospel Truth program and focus on translation and doing voice-overs into the local language. Additionally, they teach the Discipleship Evangelism program in the local language and provide a phone in service to pray with people and answer questions.

Mark Rowe with the Ugandan radio ministry team
Kampala, Uganda

Later this year, we are hoping to take a small missions
team to Japan—a country barely touched by the Good News of Jesus Christ.

We aim to connect with local pastors, missionaries,
and evangelists and introduce them to the DE program. Japan, although the world’s
third richest country, has major social challenges with suicides, isolation,
and a plummeting marriage and birth rate.

In preparation for this visit, our team, which
consists of men and women from Japan, the UK, Canada, and the U.S., has already
begun the process of translating Discipleship Evangelism, as well as
overdubbing the DE videos originally filmed to go with each discipleship lesson,
into Japanese.

What a privilege it is to serve this ministry as we seek to take the Gospel as far and as deep as possible and to make disciples of every nation!

To find out more about DEMO and our translations efforts, visit awmi.net/about-us/demo.

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