Push Notifications in 2020: Still Got It?

Push Notifications in 2020: Still Got It?

Editor’s note: the author of this post asked to remain anonymous.

Hello guys,

Formerly crowned as the affiliate marketing trend of 2019, push notifications are losing some of their fire.

But, since I’m not very fond of swift changes and prefer to keep up with what is still working, I’m trying to figure out if this is still a top toy to play in the affiliate marketing game.

Push Notifications still work?

Well, let’s find it out.

I’ve decided to run a test to find out and to make it more challenging, I’ve chosen the following GEO and offer:

GEO: You know what the community says about the Indian traffic: almost every advertising network can offer plenty of it, yet it’s hard to monetize. So, I think it’s a good challenge to try some offers with Indian traffic.

Offer: You can run every hottest mainstream offer in any advertising network so my choice was ‘adult’. One of the few networks that I know that allow adult offers for Push Notifications is Clickadu. To get the offer, I had to resort to the all-seeing eye: ad spy tools. At this point, I preferred to keep it simple and choose one of the popular offers for India, a male enhancement product.

So, here are the conditions for the test I put together:

GEO: India
Platform: Mobile
Payout: $4.5 per sale (no rebills)
Advertising format: Push Notification
Traffic source: Clickadu

Campaign Creation 

At first, I just wanted to make quick money and some performance gain to check whether the offer was suitable for the traffic source. So, I just snatched the creatives in the spy tool without any further ado.

From here on, I decided to check Clickadu’s ‘user activity’ option and split it into two campaigns. The difference in the two campaign settings was just in the respective rates.

Rates: CPC, the click cost is $0.001 (for ‘low’ activity) and $0.002 (for ‘high’ activity).

GEO: India. I have a lot of experience with this GEO, so here’s a tip on how to get the most of Indian traffic: Even tho Clickadu doesn’t allow to target cities, you should always try to target large cities to improve your CR.

Timetable: Since the conversion approval goes through call-centers here’s another tip on how to get more of: running a campaign during the call-centers working hours may increase your approval rate up to 20%.

Platform: Mobile, both for 3G and wifi.

Advertising budget: $100.

Test budget: $5 (the lowest possible)


The very first campaign made it, so why not go further? The initial result is: 49 approved conversions and $220 in revenue, so the campaign payout is more than 100% ROI.


I’ve played around with some creatives and text to find out what’s working. And let me offer you another tip here: use native language in creatives to get a better result. Services like One Hour Translation can help you with that.

From here on, you should do all the habitual optimization stuff, like cutting the low CTR zones and changing the frequency to 2 ads per 24 hrs.

The whole scaling was about creating and duplicating the campaigns and I guess I’ll just go on and share one last tip here: when you allocate a small test budget like $5, the test matches a few ad zones and blackwhitelists them.

If the test goes okay, you’ll receive a campaign with a separate set of zones and they might exceed themselves. As the conversion cost grows real high, proceed to creating another test campaign.

In a nutshell:

I’ve tested several campaigns, and here’s the result.

With the average 16% approval rate, the revenue is $3739,5, the cost is $1921,58, the profit is $1817,97, and, last but not least, the ROI is 48%.

The main thing is to take from this test is: Push Notifications still got it even with the ‘unsavory’ countries. Use the tips I gave you, scale it bigger, and score like hell.

More importantly, have fun!


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