Maxdecal offers stickers that can be polished and are safe for coating


Maxdecal offers stickers that can be polished and are safe for coating

 Kicking off early 2022, Maxdecal will immediately present 32 new colors for its flagship product, the 9800 series. Previously, in mid-2021, this vehicle support accessory brand launched three special colors, namely Red Magma, Arancio Orange and Sanmarino Blue.

Nofian Hendra, Maxdecal’s Research & Development team, explained that after launching three special colors of the 9800 Seies, the company is now releasing 32 new colors that are premium, elegant and feature a super glossy surface like car paint (

“Maxdecal came from a dream to fulfill the need for high quality sticker products at affordable prices,” said Nofian.

Special Edition car stickers from Maxdecal have now developed into a trend in the world of vehicle modification .

In fact, the presence of 32 new colors from the Maxdecal 9800 Series is not only marketed for the Indonesian market, but also for global markets, such as Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, to the European and American continents.

As a local brand from Indonesia that is marketed internationally, this makes Maxdecal continue to innovate.

And one of the latest innovations is wrapping stickers which can be polished and coated like car paint .

98 Percent Similar to Paint

As a result, the appearance of the wrapping sticker displayed can be up to 98 percent similar to the layer that has been repainted. Even more special, the Maxdecal 9800 Series also has superior scratch-resistant technology.

“The Maxdecal 9800 Series has 35 colors, including the previous Special Edition Modz Battle 2 variant. The quality of the 9800 Series resembles real paint, it has an anti-scratch feature with top coated resin, so it can be polished and coated like car paint. The quality of our product is “You could say that it is the first in Asia to have this advantage,” added Nofian.

Meanwhile, Maxdecal 9800 also has the advantage of zero orange peel surface or a smooth surface because it uses special PET Liner material from Germany.

In fact, the adhesive is made by manufacturers in England and Ireland who specialize in producing adhesives for automotive purposes, and can last up to five to seven years.


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