Dog Food Taster to Dry Paint Spectator, These 14 Unique and Rarely Known Professions


Dog Food Taster to Dry Paint Spectator, These 14 Unique and Rarely Known Professions

Everyone throughout the world is required to work. By working, a person will earn wages, buy daily necessities, and of course survive.

As time goes by, more and more types of work are available and can be tried. However, among these various jobs , it turns out there are some jobs that are strange and rarely known to many people.

Launching the page , Thursday, here are 14 jobs that are unique and rarely known to many people:

1. Professional Mourners

Rent a Mourner is a company in the UK that hires mourners on an hourly basis. These professional mourners will join family and friends at the funeral and will mourn the deceased. This professional mourner costs around USD 70 or Rp. 964,320 (USD 1=Rp. 13,776) for two hours of service.

 2. Dog Food Taster

Have you ever tried tasting dog food? It turns out this job exists, you know. This job involves tasting canned meat, dog biscuits, and even bones. Imagine that, right?

3. Professional Hugger

You want to cuddle? You can pay someone to hug you. For this service, they set a minimum fee of up to USD 80 or IDR 1.1 million per hour.

Hugging a stranger does come with its own emotional baggage. In fact, hugging is a very personal and sensual thing. So, do you want to cuddle with someone you don’t even know?

4. Watching Paint Dry

Have you ever watched paint dry? It turns out that in this world there is a unique job like this. Some companies want to ensure that the paint is durable when dry. They’ll actually pay you to sit down and watch it.

5. Nail Polish Name Giver

Have you ever named your nail polish painting? Apparently, you have a job to name nail polish.

Some companies don’t even hesitate to leave it up to top people to come up with unique and fun names. Meanwhile, other companies also do not hesitate to hire marketing or advertising professionals to take on the job. Do you think you’re interested?

6. Netflix viewers

One lucky employee gets to watch and review all Netflix content before it goes live. It helps viewers find what they want, whether it’s a high school drama or a bloody war movie. Wow, makes you jealous, huh!


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