Benefits of Watching a Concert


Benefits of Watching a Concert

In general, watching concerts is not just about enjoying entertainment, but also provides many positive benefits. From a personal perspective, watching a concert will provide satisfaction, especially for diehard fans. On the other hand, watching concerts also opens up opportunities to learn new things, expands your circle of friends, and provides health benefits. How is the review? Check out the discussion below.

Interesting Experience

Concerts are a culture that is growing in society very quickly and rapidly. When watching a concert, the audience will enter the artist’s world completely.

The energetic concert atmosphere will make you feel like you are immersed and enjoying all the charming lag and stage-conditioning. You also have the opportunity to sing along with the original singer. This experience will not be found other than when watching a concert. So, don’t be surprised if many fans are addicted to watching their favorite artists perform on stage many times and don’t get bored.

Evoking Emotions

For a diehard fan, just being able to buy concert tickets for your favorite artist is already a joy. Especially if you can finally witness your idol’s performance on stage. Plus, when an artist sings a favorite song and really relates to the mood.

Just listening to your favorite artist’s songs on a playlist can be very emotional, especially when listening to them live. Moreover, you feel it with other viewers who feel the same thing. Not infrequently, when watching a concert, many fans cry and are so emotional.

Stress Relief

Watching a concert is an effective way to relieve stress. Because, basically concerts are a fun entertainment medium. Not only that, when watching a concert, you will feel positive energy vibrations which can automatically release endorphins. This process will make mental stress just disappear.

In a number of studies it is stated that concerts can reduce the levels of cortisol produced by the body when stressed. It is not surprising that watching concerts is associated with reducing stress in a person.


For fellow musicians, watching a concert is an opportunity to get as much musical inspiration as possible. Both in terms of performance, concert concept, and even the songs sung. For fans, they might be inspired when they see their favorite artists working hard and giving their best. This can motivate fans to do the same in their work.

Meet the Community

One of the benefits of watching a concert is meeting fans from different locations. This opportunity can be used as a place to exchange information regarding concerts, find a comfortable position, and even a place to buy artist merchandise. No need to worry if you watch a concert alone, you can join community members to have fun together.

Adding to the Treasure of Music

If you are also involved in the world of music, concerts are a good learning place to understand the technique and musicality of the performing artists. You will realize the importance of maintaining vocal quality during concerts and other technical matters. Apart from that, you will realize that stage presence is very important for artists, especially if they sing solo. Maybe the matter of song arrangement can also be used as valuable learning and cannot be found anywhere else.

Good for health

Based on a number of studies, watching concerts can relieve pain thanks to the release of endorphins. This hormone appears when the body feels satisfaction and pleasure, including when watching a concert.

Apart from that, watching concerts is also said to be able to improve the brain’s ability to remember. The reason is because the brain will improve cognitive function when watching a concert when you remember the song lyrics.

A number of studies also say that watching concerts can burn calories because the body is actively moving. The more often you move, the more calories you burn and don’t forget to visit our site to get other interesting information by follow us for more


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