3 Recommended Types of Beef for BBQ and Their Parts


3 Recommended Types of Beef for BBQ and Their Parts

Beef is indeed one of the favorites in grilled menus with barbecue spices. Beef is believed to be rich in nutrients. Beef, which contains a source of protein and iron, is a necessity for the body. Apart from that, beef also contains vitamin B3, vitamin B6, vitamin B12.

So, it is not wrong that beef is one type of food that can fulfill the body’s intake.

Cows also have different types, there are types of dairy cows that specifically produce milk. There are types of beef cattle whose meat will be taken. Beef cattle farming is indeed quite profitable according to https://yamamassoulfood.com/.

Indonesia itself has many farms that provide quality cattle. Demand for beef will also increase.


Tenderloin or what people usually call deep hash. This meat is taken from the middle of the cow close to the tail.

Tenderloin is a part of beef that is known to be quite expensive. Tenderloin has a tender texture and quite a bit of fat. This part is the favorite, because it doesn’t take long to cook.


Surely healthy friends are familiar with this section. Sirloin is usually called the outer hash or back part. The meat in this section has a muscle layer on the outside, and the fibers are coarser.

Sirloin has a slightly tougher meat texture than tenderloin. This sirloin is suitable for steak or shabu-shabu.

Rib Eye

The rib eye is one of the parts that is suitable for bbq. This part is the part around the ribs or ribs. Rib eye or Scotch fillet has fat content that comes out of the meat and produces a juicy taste.

Rib eye can be cooked with bone or without bone. This is one part that is suitable for bbq meat lovers.

Apart from explaining the types of beef, it would also be a good idea for Healthy Friends to know what kind of beef to consume.


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