5 Most Popular Ice Cream and Gelato Shops in Melbourne, You’ll Have a Nail in Your Mouth!

When the weather is sweltering, the desire to visit the beach and feeling thirsty is one of the reasons to buy ice cream and gelato as your savior while in Melbourne, Australia. Apart from being refreshing, you also have the opportunity to choose various interesting gelato flavors to try.

Each shop located in Melbourne has large glass windows that face directly onto piles of ice cream and gelato. In fact, several of the following gelato shops are able to demonstrate their commitment to maintaining the quality of taste and the best ingredients used during the manufacturing process, you know!

1. Pidapipo Gelateria

Pidapipó Gelateria was founded by a Carpigiarni Gelato University graduate named Lisa Valmorbida. Here you can find a small gelateria equipped with attractive interior design and ornaments that convey a typical Italo-chic atmosphere from the 1950s. In fact, the shop window will lead directly to the fresh gelato.

As one of the best gelato shops in Melbourne, Pidapip√≥ Gelateria has long queues in the Lygon Street area. This is because each gelato and ice cream is made in small quantities at home to maintain the quality of the taste offered. Don’t forget to try this shop’s mainstay Mojito and Nuttela menu!

2. Piccolina Gelateria

Piccolina Gelateria is known as a small gelato shop located in the Smith Street area, Collingwood. Every gelato menu from Piccolina Gelateria is made using traditional Italian methods with high quality natural ingredients. In fact, all the flavors on offer have been made from scratch from peanut butter to chocolate sauce.

You can also try 4 interesting vegan gelato flavors to try, such as passion fruit, lemon, strawberry and chocolate brownie. Well, one of the unique things that Piccolina Gelateria has is that each gelato menu contains ingredients that are free from gluten and gelatin, as well as sorbet that is friendly for vegans.

3. Kenny Lover

Kenny Lover is led by a chef who has achieved a Michelin star so he can guarantee the quality of the taste and ingredients used during the manufacturing process. Each gelato menu is made using original ingredients from Australia, where Kenny Lover is able to display creativity and innovation in the gelato flavor choices.

In accordance with the shop’s unique and bright interior design, you can find various interesting gelato flavors from Kenny Lover, such as soy sauce, yuzu and sake, as well as rice coated with chocolate. Kenny Lover also provides hot chips and fairy bread for dipping in chocolate butter flavored ice cream, you know!

4. Luther’s Scoops

Another popular gelato shop can be found in Melbourne’s north. The name Luther’s Scoops came from a plant breeder named Luther Burbank who worked alongside the shop. Luther’s Scoops carries a commitment to producing seasonal gelato flavors so that it can support local farmers.

Well, each gelato menu is made by a pastry chef who has experience working in several restaurants that have received Michelin stars. One of the seasonal menus that you must try when visiting Luther’s Scoops is Vegan Pecan Caramel, Apricot Sour-Cream, and Fig Leaf and Strawberry.

5. Gelato Messina

Gelato Messina is an imported product from Sydney that is loved by the people of Melbourne. This is because Gelato Messina makes each gelato menu from the initial process, including baking apple pie and brownies before processing it into gelato that is soft and rich in interesting flavors.

You can find 40 flavor choices with 35 permanent gelato flavors and 5 interesting seasonal flavors to try. One of Gelato Messina’s popular menus is roasted hazelnut flavored with peanut topping which is imported directly from Italy. It’s not surprising that you need to be careful in choosing gelato flavors and don’t forget to visit our site to get other interesting information by follow us for more


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